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Welcome to MiracleTestimonies.com! We are an online Christian ministry dedicated to igniting the Body of Christ with Passion for the miracle working Power of the Holy Spirit. We believe that Jesus is alive and still works miracles today. We are determined to not limit what God can do in our lives by our unbelief.

We serve a big God with whom all things are possible if we will only believe! Mark 11:23-24 Matthew 19:26

We welcome all of your video testimonies of the miracles God has done in your lives. Let us partner together to show believers and unbelievers alike that the cross has never lost it’s Power. Since the secular media will never report on genuine miracles we feel God has commissioned us to do so. The first step to seeing a miracle in your own life is believing that it is possible. We believe that when people hear genuine miracle testimonies that faith will arise in them to believe for the impossible.

We pray that someday soon we will walk in the same Power that the first century church walked in and that we will see lives radically changed all by God’s Grace. Corinthians 4:20

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